H2O Fidelio H-R (C) CHF - IE00BYNJF173

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  • Asset management company: H2O AM LLP
  • Asset manager: H2O AM LLP
  • Investment universe: Global
  • Legal form: Irish Asset Management Collective Vehicle
  • Inception date: 25/10/2016
  • Accounting currency: USD
  • Minimum recommended investment period: > 3 years
  • Benchmark (1) : LIBOR 1M USD
  • Main investment manager: H2O GERANTS
  • Allocation of income: Accumulated
  • Maximum management fees, all taxes included (basis): 1.35% (Net asset)
  • Maximum subscription fee not paid to the fund: None
  • Maximum subscription fee paid to the fund: None
  • Maximum redemption fee not paid to the fund: None
  • Maximum redemption fee paid to the fund: None
  • Performance fee including taxes: None
  • Fraction: Yes (3)
  • Cutoff time for centralising orders: 12:30
  • Centralising agent: CACEIS LUXEMBOURG XX
  • Valuation frequency: Daily
  • Master (2) : No
  • Feeder (2) : No

  • (1) : DNR/NDR = Net reinvested dividend.
  • (2) : A feeder fund is an investment fund which does at least 85% of its investments into another fund called a master fund. Performance of feeder funds will be lower than performance of their master funds because of its own management fees.


Performance net of fees from 22/03/2018 as of 15/01/2019 (base 100) - H-R(C) CHF

Performance snapshot :

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Net rolling performance as of 15/01/2019 (%) - H-R(C) CHF

Net annual performance (%) - H-R(C) CHF

* These performance refer to previous years. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Source: Natixis Asset Management.

Risk indicators

Rolling monthly figures as of 15/01/2019 - H-R(C) CHF
 1 year3 years
Tracking error (ex post)Information------
Information ratioInformation------
Sharpe ratioInformation-0.72---

NAV: 100.91 CHF as of 15/01/2019

Total net assets: 613,254,729.86 USD as of 15/01/2019

Inception NAV: 100 CHF


Legal information

Taxation will depend on each client's individual status and may be changed in the future. Not every fund is appropriate for all investors. The  risk relating to an investment in a fund is described in each specific fund prospectus and may be downloaded from this website. Natixis Asset Management urges the investors to read this document.
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